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I like bikes and I use them more or less every day, going to work or travelling to most destinations within the city. It is the cheapest, in many cases the fastest and most practical way to travel if your destination is less than 10km away! If you calculate the time needed to take your car from the parking lot to the next parking lot and walking to and from the car, you will realize that using the bike instead, would have brought you to your destination just as fast, or even faster. If you compare the time needed to use public transportation (bus), the outcome is even more favourable for the bike, and you need not pay any parking fee or bus fee!


  Cheap, easy and practical – you just need to get a bike! If you have the money, go to a professional store and get a nice bike fitted that will serve you well and will have a reasonably good quality. In the case of bikes – you get what you pay for!


If you expect to use the bike for several years, I recommend to invest in a good bike that will not break down and will not deteriorate in its appearance just because it rains! A cheap, new bike that looks OK will work for a year or so, but usually, after a while, the poor quality starts to show and it will need repairs! A professional bike repairman will do this, but he/she will shake his/her head and charge you as much as for a brand new bike! Needless to say, most people just do not bother and buys a new, shitty bike, later resulting in another used and most often abandoned bike. This is a waste of resources! It needs some repairs to return to a usable status, but there are no economic incentives to do so!


  There are a lot of used bikes in circulation; stolen and abandoned, forgotten since the owner has moved, broken down and abandoned and so on. Some people seem to care less about their bikes than they care about their underwear, changing them just as frequently, but the truth is that most will be returned to a working condition if you have the tools and the know how to do this!


  Second hand bikes are always difficult to repair without excessive costs, unless you reuse the available parts and add spare parts from compatible models that you ultimately scrap or rebuild from scratch. The bikes I own, were found abandoned and brought to the Police where they were stored for 3 months before I reclaimed them as my propriety. This last item is important, since there are a lot of stolen bikes circulating and even if chances are slim, you may be prosecuted for buying stolen goods, even if you buy stolen propriety in “good faith”, so please be careful!


  This is no commercial business for me – instead I am just fed up with the way people just use and throw away usable stuff, and since I like to work with mechanical things, I do this as a relaxing therapy. This means I do not charge for the working hours that I spend on repairing or rebuilding the bike, but I do need to cover my costs. This means that I will usually charge between 500 and 2000 SEK for a bike depending on its condition, how reliable I feel the bike is mechanically and also depending on the new spare parts I had to invest in. New parts are expensive and the price will reflect this. You may have an impact on the price by accepting workable but not really nice items.

I accept cash - SEK or Euro but you can also pay by using PayPal


If you decide to visit me, I would recommend Busline no 1 for Östra Ersboda and exit at Södra Slevgränd. Then enter the housing are on the same side. Follow the house numbers for no 63. Usually there are a number of bikes in the front. I may also be in my garage, working on bikes. The garage is a long, liw building just close to the street. If the doors are closed, pls knock on the 3rd door from the inner fence.

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