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I cannot provide a full service of bikes since this is not a professional business. I recommend that you turn to a professional like Cykel och Mopedhandlaren or Team Sportia if you need this! However, if you buy one of my second hand bikes, I will repair any faults that emerge within a fortnight of your purchase (all within reason)


If you are an exchange or international student, expecting to stay for only a semester or some months, I will buy if back for up to 50% of the amount you paid me if you maintain it well.

If you are interested in buying or renting a bike, check what's available on the home page and drop me an email!


If you as a student are expecting to stay for a full academic year, you may be interested in aquiring a bike

fitted for both Summer and Winter conditions. You may then buy a bike with one set of Summer tyres as well

as one set of Winter tyres. I will switch the tyre sets when requested and service the bike for a fee. Please inquire for the cost of tyres and service since this will depend on several factors.


I will help you replace or fit any item you want me to, after you have inspected the bikes! Also, if you decide to buy any of the bikes it is of course yours to do with as you please. However, I do not want you to abandon it when you return home, so if you fail to sell it to another person in turn, please contact me and I will buy it from you for up to 50% of the price you paid me, all depending on how well you keep the bike!


40 SEK and upwards

Typical item that can be ignored until they actually break down, and then suddenly becomes critical! Most people can easily replace these by themselves if they have a spanner with the correct dimension, or an adjustable spanner. Old pedals may make some noise or clicking sounds, but may still last a very long time if you oil the bearings now and again.


60 - 450 SEK

The cheaper tyres will last for a year or more, but will crack in the end. During winter, I always change my tyres from smooth summer pattern, to a coarser pattern with iron spikes! They make wonders with your manoeuvrability and safety, but they are expensive – at least 350 SEK per tyre!


40 - 150 SEK

Cheapest version 40 SEK (battery light, but will need new batteries regularly) 80 SEK (battery light with LED – longer lasting). A really good lighting will cost in excess of 150 SEK!

Bicycle lights are mandatory by law and may bring a fine of 300 – 600 SEK if you are caught without them


40 – 250 SEK

A critical* item that usually has to be replaced on stolen and reclaimed bikes! The cheapest version is a wire lock with a plastic cover. The thicker the wire, the more expensive the lock. Locks that will be permanently fitted on the bike and still be recognized by the insurance company if the bike is stolen, will cost 180SEK or more


80 - 120 SEK

Bikes may have saddles that are damaged but still usable. You can fit them with a cover against rain and during winter you will usually have an insulating cover on the saddle!


~​ 40 SEK   

front – back and on the wheel – also mandatory but seldom enforced. Usually there is some campaign during the Autumn for bicycle safety measures and the promoters may fit the bike with some reflexes for free!

* Most bikes are stolen by people that need a bike for the moment and take any unlocked bike available and then they leave it somewhere! This means that even a very cheap lock will protect you against such a person, but nothing else than bringing the bike into your quarters will defend against a determined bicycle thief! A used bike of more than 5 years has no value according to the insurance company but it is still a hassle to lose your bike! Permanently fitted locks are more practical and may be combined with wire systems in order to secure the bike to something immovable!

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